The best tools for Webmasters


These are the best tools that a Webmaster should never stop using, then list them all:




1.Google Analystics


It is the official tool from Google that all web programmer must have used to control the number of visits generated in our website, you can link to Google Adsense to take control of your ads, has applications such as flow control our visits visits in real time, most viewed pages, among many others.

Tips: On some occasions Google sites are loaded language "English" is needed to change this simply go to the navigation bar and change the letters "in" with "is"

a web master tools


2. Google Webmaster Tools


Webmaster Tools is a tool that every web developer  should be used, is to add new links to Google and our sitemaps (site maps), also provides reports on our keywords, the amount of links you have for pages, reports errors in our site and many more.

Removal of broken links, it is extremely important and helps Google understand which pages you want to be more taken into account by Google, this site also lets you control other Web sites that we have with one tool.


3. Bing Webmaster Tools


Like Google Webmaster tools, we must take into account all the other search engines especially Bing "direct competitor to Google." In Bing to find similar tools Google Webmasters Tools, also other tools like SEO reports, which include errors that directly affect our SEO.



4. W3C Validator

w3c validator​

About W3C Validator, we conducted a post  W3C Validator quality websites  which explains why having our HTML documents validated as directly affect the quality of our websites, the W3C Validator is another Google tool that we always have on hand for effectiveness and importance.



5. GTmetrix


Although it is only in English, the potential GTmetrix is ​​really worth admiring due to the wealth of information that shows on our website, loading errors, ways to improve your source code optimization techniques, and lots of information first hand; all the information is listed in order of priority, which also shows the problems that most urgently need to correct, etc.



6. Google AdWords and Google Trends

google adwords​


The search for keywords and topics in greater acceptance is another important aspect when creating our Web pages, consider the issues that are generating most traffic and what the trends in search is concerned. Google AdWords has the "planner Keywords" tool most widely used tool to search for words with more traffic on the Web.



7. Page Insights


The burden of our Web sites directly affect the positioning, so it is important metir errors affecting our websites, comparison sites with lots of traffic is also a good idea and the quality of these sites are often seen due to the large interest from developers minizar their errors their sites.



8. Metricspot 



The overall measurement of a website can give us an indication of our failure, the Metricspot site provides a full report on our website, from SEO reports, number of backlinks, site quality, quality labels, finally a lot information that helps to improve our website and implement our action plans.

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