About PC-Users Panama




It is a web design company that was founded with the purpose of providing services web design and systems for SMEs, entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to have an Internet presence.

In our country there are few companies that are dedicated truly to the development and creation of new technologies, we started with a simple inventory system that we call "Inventarius" to transform it into a complete system with which you can "on one website "have different useful tools.

What we do


  • Manage and enhance databases.

  • Creating new systems according to specifications.

  • Adapt technologies to websites (sliders, effects, designs).

  • Optimization of Web pages.

  • Advanced SEO.

  • Creating SEM strategies.

  • Using technologies such as HTML5, Ajax, CSS3, jQuery and more.

  • Advanced Editing of Web sites.

  • Management of all types of CMS.

  • Creating client-server based language tools.

  • and more